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V2 ICE MONO Regulator Set

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Product Information

The Tecline V2 ICE MONO Regulator Set offers streamlined open water diving in a style that takes advantage of some of the best ideas from technical diving. The V2 ICE MONO regulators are perfect for recreational single tank diving with an easy upgrade path to full technical diving

The V2 ICE MONO first stage regulator is designed for divers using a single tank. It's LP and HP ports are angled to point downwards, keeping hoses close to the diver and creating a neat and streamlined tec-style configuration when using a single tank. The first stage has a quality matte finish and a raised Tecline logo.

The V2 ICE MONO second stage regulators are the same as the high-quality balanced second stages used with the Tecline V2 ICE DIR Regulator Set. It features both Venturi flow controls, as well as breathing resistance adjustments for extra comfort during the deeper dives. The V2 ICE second stage also features a central purge button to reduce the frontal area, making it less susceptible to activation in strong current. Paired together with the first stage, the V2 ICE MONO Regulator set is attractive and professional-looking, with the performance and functionality to match.

The Tecline V2 ICE MONO was designed for technical diver training with a single tank, making it the perfect streamlined OW regulator set. When you want to move on to full technical diving, simply purchase a second Tecline V2 ICE MONO first stage and switch the hoses around. The unique shape of the first stage allows for a perfect configuration to be achieved for both diving on a single tank and with a twinset.

Tecline V2 ICE regulators are suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40, ‘out of the box’.

    Note: The picture of the BCD shown is for illustration purposes only and is not included with the regulator set. This price detailed is for the regulator set only.

    Product Specifications

    Tecline V2 ICE MONO Regulator Set includes:

    • 1 x First stage V2 ICE MONO
      • Balanced diaphragm with cold water kit
      • 4 x LP ports
      • 2 x HP ports
    • 2 x Second stage V2 balanced regulators
      • Venturi and breathing resistance adjustments
    • 1 x LP Proflex regulator hose, 61cm
    • 1 x LP Proflex regulator hose, 210cm
    • 1 x HP Proflex hose, 61cm
    • 1 x SPG, Tecline 300 bar, 52mm chrome body
    • 2 x Stainless steel bolt snaps (for SPG and second stage)
    • 1 x Nylon cave line for attaching bolt snaps
    • 1 x Bungee for second stage necklace
    • 1 x FREE Tecline padded regulator bag, to protect your investment
    • User Instruction Manual

    Breathing resistance is in the range of 0.983 - 1.004 J/L, tested at depth. This is a level of performance expected from a world-class regulator, which offers minimal breathing effort and helps to reduce air consumption.

    All Tecline regulators are tested by two independent technicians, after assembly and tuning, to ensure that they meet Tecline'’s exacting standards for performance and quality.

    Tecline V2 ICE regulators are CE certified to the EN250 standard. The V2 ICE regulators are suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40, ‘out of the box’.