Tecline R2 TEC Sidemount Regulator Set
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Tecline 52mm SPG 300 BAR
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Tecline R2 TEC Sidemount Regulator Set

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The Tecline R2 TEC Sidemount Regulator Set combines two R2 ICE first stage with two R2 TEC (R5 TEC) second stage regulators and also includes two SPGs, inflator hoses and a carry bag. These regulators have excellent specifications and have been brought together specifically for technical-level sidemount divers using a proven and widely adopted configuration.

The R2 TEC first stage regulator features a balanced diaphragm design with a ‘dry chamber’ to environmentally seal the diaphragm and prevent freezing in cold conditions and also protect the working diaphragm in heavily silted water. These first stage regulators have 2 HP ports on either side of the 300 bar DIN fitting. A rotating end turret houses 4 LP ports around the circumference and a 5th LP axial port on the bottom end.

The rotating turret allows sidemount divers to store hoses neatly down the side of the cylinder and then deploy the full length of the hose when needed; for the short hose (left), this will be at the start of the dive (before or in-water).  For the long hose (right), this enables it to be neatly stored and then fully extended for gas sharing, or when it’s otherwise needed. The first stage is made from maritime brass with a high quality frosted chrome finish.

The 5th axial LP port comes installed in the R2 TEC Sidemount Regulator set. It is perfect for short hose connections to the BC and drysuit inflators, minimising clutter and improving the diver's streamlined profile. The first stage configuration also offers some movement for hoses routed down each side of a backmount BC wing when diving with regular twin sets. So while this is called a ‘sidemount set’, they’'re perfectly at home for backmount twin set diving, with a little swap of the hoses.

The R2 TEC (R5 TEC) second stage regulator is a pneumatically balanced downstream regulator with Venturi flow and breathing resistance adjustments. A ribbed heat exchanger also allows operation in very cold water with reduced risk of icing.  

Tecline R2 TEC regulators are CE certified and tested in accordance with the requirements of EN 250.  They also undergo extensive trials in punishing environmental conditions such as icy Polish lakes, to Mexican caves and (not so punishing) tropical waters. 

The R2 TEC is suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40, ‘out of the box’.


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