Tecline R2 TEC Sport Regulator Set
Tecline R2 TEC 1st Stage Regulator
Tecline R2 TEC 2nd Stage Regulator
Tecline R3 TEC Octopus
Tecline Slim SPG 300 BAR
Tecline Regulator Bag

Tecline R2 TEC Sport Regulator Set

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The Tecline R2 TEC Regulator Set consists of high specification regulators in a sport diver package, featuring the R2 TEC first and second stage plus an R3 TEC octopus and SPG. These regulators have excellent specifications with both balanced first and a second stages, and proven performance in both laboratory testing and real world diving conditions.

The R2 TEC first stage regulator features a balanced diaphragm design with a ‘dry chamber’ for cold water diving. The first stage has a rotating turret that allows for flexible hose routing. The rotating turret adds flexibility, making these regulators suitable for sidemount and more flexible backmount configurations. The first stage is made from maritime brass with a high quality matted chrome finish. 

The primary second stage is the R2 TEC (R5 TEC) second stage regulator, which is a pneumatically balanced downstream regulator with both Venturi and breathing resistance adjustments.

The R3 TEC octopus is included on a 90cm yellow hose. This is a reliable demand regulator with good performance characteristics. It is simple and reliable, making this second stage ideal as an octopus. Also included in the set is a ScubaTech slim SPG in a protective rubber boot (style may vary).

Tecline's R2 TEC regulators are CE certified and tested to the requirements of EN 250. The regulators are suitable for use with Nitrox up to EAN40, ‘out of the box’.


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