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Tecline R5 TEC DIR Regulator Set

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The Tecline R5 TEC DIR Regulator Set is a complete set of scuba regulators for technical diving with backmount twinsets. The R5 TEC offers excellent performance and quality with exceptional value. 

The R5 TEC first stage regulator is a high quality product made from maritime brass with a classy-looking black finish. Each first stage has 2 LP ports and 1 HP port positioned on each opposing side. This versatile configuration allows hoses to be routed down each side of the wing when diving with twin sets, or crossed over if required. It features a balanced diaphragm with an environmentally sealed dry chamber’ to prevent freezing in extreme cold conditions, or silt buildup when diving in heavily silted water.

The R5 TEC (R2 TEC) second stage regulator is a pneumatically balanced downstream regulator with both Venturi and breathing resistance adjustments, for perfect comfort during deep dives. A ribbed heat exchanger allows operation in cold water by dramatically reducing the risk of icing.

This set of technical diving regulators is intended for use with a manifold system and comes with a single SPG. If you wish to dive with independent twins or want further redundancy, an additional SPG, HP swivel spool, HP hose and bolt snap are necessary. These can be added to cart separately, and installed by us upon request.

Tecline R5 TEC regulators are suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40, ‘out of the box’.

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