Tecline V2 ICE DIR Twin Tank Regulator Set
Tecline V2 ICE DIR First Stage
Tecline V2 ICE DIR First Stages
Tecline V2 ICE Second Stage
Tecline V2 ICE Second Stage
Tecline 52mm 300 bar SPG
Tecline Regulator Bag
Tecline V2 ICE DIR Set Twin Tank Regulators in Tecline Regulator Bag

V2 ICE DIR Regulator Set

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The Tecline V2 ICE DIR Set features dedicated left and right first stage regulators matched with high-performance second stage regulators. It offers the perfect configuration for “backmount twinset technical diving”.

The Tecline V2 ICE first stage regulator is made from maritime brass and has a high quality matted finish. It is a balanced diaphragm design, that automatically adjusts the intermediate pressure to increase flow at greater depth. The ICE environmental chamber’ on the V2 prevents the regulator from freezing in cold waters and also protects the working diaphragm in heavily silted water.

    Tecline V2 ICE first stage regulators are unique, as they have 1 HP port and 2 LP ports located on one side of the body, with mirror left and right first stage designs. This exclusive design from Tecline allows for a vertical port setting and a perfect hose configuration with unhindered access to the tank valves. The clear "V" shape space between the first stage regulators that allows for a well-trimmed comfortable head-up position and clear access to the manifold valve.

    Tecline's V2 ICE second stage regulators are pneumatically balanced downstream regulators, capable of increasing gas flow automatically to adjust for comfortable inhalation at greater ambient pressures. They feature Venturi air flow and breathing resistance adjustments, that allows the fine tuning of the breathing resistance while underwater. Each second stage also has a ribbed heat exchanger, that helps prevent freezing in extremely cold water. The V2 ICE second stage also features a central purge button to reduce the frontal area, making it less susceptible to activation in strong current.

    A neat, clean and professional setup, the Tecline V2 ICE DIR Regulator set is perfect for the open-circuit explorer. Trials for the V2 ICE included a dive depth of 110m in 8°C (cave in Croatia) and European lakes, mines and wreck diving typically between 40 –– 60m in 4 ––– 6°C water. It is also optimal for instructional purposes as students can build critical safety skills, such as isolation and shut down valve drills, with unhindered access to all valves, and the ability to remain comfortable with the additional head space offered by the V2's unique mounting position.

    Tecline V2 ICE regulators are suitable for use with Nitrox blends up to EAN40, ‘out of the box’.

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