Tecline Closed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
Tecline Closed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

Tecline Closed Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)

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The Tecline Closed Surface Marker Buoy is a high-visibility signalling device that allows the position of divers to be seen from the surface. All divers should at least carry a high-visibility inflatable signalling device with them. It can be invaluable, as you'll never know when you need to let people on the surface know your position, or to signal to your dive boat after a dive, if you've drifted away.

The closed SMB is 117cm / 3.8ft long and 11cm / 4.33in wide, making it visible from afar, and also easily inflated with a single breath, even while in the shallows. It has a lift capacity of approximately 4.5kg. Two reflective strips help to better catch attention, especially when a light is shone over them. A pocket for a disposable glow stick / cyalume chemical stick increases the visibility of the SMB night dives or when there's bad surface visibility. An Over Pressure Valve prevents damage caused by overexpansion, especially when the SMB is launched from depth. A durable metal one-way inflation valve is installed offset from the center for ease of deployment, snag-free storage and can be connected to any standard inflator hose for speedy deployments. A single-eye stainless steel bolt snap to aid in stowing the SMB away, and adding weight to keep the device standing tall easily. An integrated bungee is also included to retain the SMB in a neat bundle when stowed away.

Available in Hi-Vis Orange or Hi-Vis Yellow. If the SMB is bright, it’s alright. Both colours are outstanding and make it easier to spot, though it is said that Orange works a little better on bright sunny days, while Yellow works a little better during dusk or under low-light conditions.

TECH PRO-TIP: Psst, technical divers emphasise a lot on safety and they usually carry at least two; different colours may have different meanings too, for example, an orange bag would mean that all's good, while a yellow would signify an uh-oh.

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