About 300BAR


300BAR strives to be the leading distributor for SCUBA diving and underwater exploration equipment in South East Asia.


We provide customers, value-for-money diving and underwater exploration equipment with high emphasis for safety and comfort, with fantastic service quality throughout.


Value-for-money: We will do the leg work and scout for the best deals around the world, so that you don’t need to. To bring you products you can depend on, at very reasonable prices.

Safety focus: We will maintain a strict focus on the safety of divers, by continued education and imparting safe diving practices especially on usage of equipment. Knowledge is power, application and adoption of safety through sound logic.

Convenience to customers: We will provide customers with "touch and feel" experiences through dealer operations and also the "click-to-buy" convenience of online shopping. Options of convenience, to suit different customers buying preferences.

Service quality: We will strive to deliver excellent customer service experience, from start to end. To be responsible sellers that do not mis-sell and see through after-sales services.