Tecline Delrin Buckle Tank Cam Band

Tecline Delrin Buckle Tank Cam Band

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This is high-quality cam band from Tecline, featuring a lightweight, impact-resistant Delrin buckle and stiffened 50mm / 2" wide webbing for a solid grip on your SCUBA tank.

Use this cam band to attach a tank directly to a BC or to a single tank adapter (STA) or backplate.  

Cam bands have many uses, such as tool-free mounting of bolt snaps and other hardware to stage tanks and sidemount tanks, perfect for the travelling technical or sidemount diver.

The tank cam band features:

  • a lightweight and impact-resistant Delrin cam buckle, with embossed threading guide numbers
  • an integrated rubber grip sewn into the webbing strap to prevent slippage
  • a heavy-duty 50mm / 2-inch webbing strap
  • a high-quality hook & loop velcro closure system

We recommend using two tank bands to ensure a tank is held securely on a single tank backmount setup, and one tank band for stage or sidemount tanks each.

Price indicated is for a single cam band. If you need more, edit the quantity respectively in the cart.

Check out our wetnotes for tips on quickly installing and threading your tank cam band.

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