Tecline Delrin Mounting Nut and Bolt
Tecline Delrin Mounting Nut and Bolt

Tecline Delrin Nut and Bolt

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Tecline's backplate and wing systems allow for a wide variety of accessories and attachments.

These Delrin Nut and Bolts are a lightweight, reusable and elegant system for non-load bearing attachments such as backplate pads.

The short bolts are default when attaching an item directly on to the backplate, with the longer ones for backplates thicker than 3mm.

For load-bearing attachments such as weight pockets and drysuit inflation systems, we recommend using Tecline's Stainless Steel Sex Bolts.

The prices listed are for a single Delrin Nut and a single Stainless Steel Bolt. Edit quantities as required when added to cart.

Tecline "H" Backplate Pads require 6 pieces, while the Tecline Backplate Pad with Pocket requires 8 pieces.

Check out our wetnotes for more tips on mounting, configuring and using your backplate pad for maximum comfort, utility and practicality.

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