Tecline 3mm Aluminium Backplate with DIR Harness
Tecline 3mm Aluminium Backplate with Logo
Components of Tecline DIR Harness

Tecline Aluminium Backplate with DIR Harness

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The Tecline Aluminium Backplate is precision machined from a single 3mm thick aluminium sheet. It comes with slots that are neatly bevelled and rounded to reduce wear on strap webbing. Additional holes and slots are conveniently located to allow fastening of the wing, a soft backplate pad, weight pockets and other accessories.

The backplate also takes an additional single tank adapter (STA) for added convenience when using the backplate for both single tank and twin tank diving.

Tecline's DIR Harness is made from a single piece of heavy duty 50mm / 2-inch wide webbing for the shoulder straps and waist band, plus a soft 50mm / 2-inch wide crotch strap.

Once adjusted to the size of the individual this is a form fitting, no-nonsense harness for reduced clutter, failure points and streamlining. The harness includes a sturdy stainless steel belt buckle with Tecline logo, rubber bands and an inflator hose retainer to keep everything neat.

The Tecline Aluminium Backplate with DIR Harness comes with:

1 x Tecline 3mm Aluminium Backplate
1 x Tecline Heavy-Duty 50mm / 2-inch wide Continuous Webbing
1 x Tecline Soft 50mm / 2-inch wide Crotch Strap
3 x Stainless Steel Flat D-rings
2 x Stainless Steel Bent D-rings
5 x Stainless Steel Triglides
5 x Rubber Retainer 
1 x Tecline Stainless Steel Webbing Buckle

The backplate and harness set comes assembled and ready to go right out of the box, and only needs to be sized before use. Check out our wetnotes on how to correctly setup and size a DIR harness for your backplate and wing system.

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