Tecline LightJet Fins, Blue

Tecline LightJet Fins, Blue

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If you are looking for a pair of fins that combine recreational lightness and technical functionality, look no further than the Tecline LightJet fins.

These fins are designed for wetsuit diving, neutrally buoyant with low weight and high flexibility. They eliminate the “heavy legs effect” and are perfect for scuba travellers and travelling technical divers.

The Tecline LightJet fins are made of thermoplastic vulcanisate (TPV), a new, flexible material that is also 100% recyclable. They feature an ergonomic open heel with stainless steel springs for comfortable donning, using and doffing. The blade has a hole for easy hanging and storage, and a line of additional holes along the blade for improved water flow and performance.

The Tecline LightJet fins are available in bluewhite and black, and in sizes S/M, L, XL. Whether you are flutter kicking, frog kicking, back kicking or helicopter turning, the Tecline LightJet fins will give you the power and manoeuvrability you need.

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  • Recreational lightness and technical functionality in one fin
  • Neutrally buoyant (0.01kg - 0.03kg in salt water conditions)
  • Low weight (0.8kg - 1.1kg) and high flexibility for wetsuit diving
  • Thermoplastic vulcanisate (TPV) material that is 100% recyclable
  • Ergonomic open heel with stainless steel springs for comfort and convenience
  • Hole in the blade tip and additional holes along the blade for water flow and performance
  • Available in bluewhite and black, and in sizes S/M (EU 36 - 41), L (EU 41 - 44), XL (EU 44 - 47)

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