Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition
Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition
Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition

Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition

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The Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition is a complete backplate and wing BC designed for the adventurers who dive in extreme conditions. It is designed with durability and reliability in mind.

The Peanut 21 wing alone weighs only 950g and the complete set weighs in at 4kgIt is constructed using 1000-denier CORDURA which makes it resistant to snags and tear. The interior bladder made of extremely lightweight and durable PU240, making it harder wearing against punctures.

It is the world’s first asymmetric wing design, which allows for easier deflation, without the need to tilt the body deliberately, just to deflate fully. The narrow top portion and unique positioning of the inflator valve gives unrestricted access to valves from the right and virtually unlimited possibilities of streamlined and comfortable hose configurations. The wide lower part takes advantage of the additional capacity to provide a "high" head position on the surface, letting the diver remain comfortable even in choppy waters. The irregular circular shape allows for easy operation in any position with free movement of air within the wing.

The Peanut 21 wing boasts a lift capacity of 21kgs / 46lbs to provide positive buoyancy on surface. The large lift amount is also perfect for the travelling adventurer, as it is able to provide sufficient lift for the many different types of tanks used throughout the world. 

The OPV dump valve is situated at the optimal position - an easy-to-locate convenient position for release of gas when diver is horizontal or upside down. The wing comes with installed with a 40cm corrugated hose.

The Tecline 3mm Stainless Steel Backplate that comes with the set is crafted and polished to a mirror finish, with bevelled edges and slots to ensure longevity of the single piece DIR harness. The Arctic Edition also comes with a matching soft backplate pad tailored for it for added comfort.

A Tecline Stainless Steel single tank adapter (STA) is also included, allowing the backplate and harness to be swapped over to a twin tank configuration effortlessly when required. It comes paired with a pair of Stainless Steel Tank Cam Bands as well, offering solid reliability, when you need it most.

When the Stainless Steel STA and backplate is used in conjunction, they offer a very balanced weight distribution underwater, promoting excellent ease, when getting into a horizontal diving position.

The DIR harness, comprising of a single continuous webbing is threaded through the backplate, making the ultimate reliable solution, with minimal failure points. This is especially important during your travels which may take you to remote locations where a broken part may cost the dive of a lifetime.

The Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition comes with:

1 x Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition Wing
1 x Proflex 55cm / 22-inch Braided Low Pressure Inflator Hose, Black
1 x Tecline Peanut 21 Arctic Edition Backplate Pad
1 x Tecline 3mm Stainless Steel Backplate
1 x Tecline DIR Harness
1 x Tecline Stainless Steel Single Tank Adapter (STA)
2 x Tecline Stainless Steel Tank Cam Bands

The Peanut 21 Arctic Edition pairs perfectly with the Tecline V2 ICE MONO Regulator Set, allowing an extremely streamlined, reliable, cold-water ready setup that makes for the perfect configuration in recreational diving.

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