Tecline R2 TEC2 O2 + SPG Stage/Deco Regulator Set

Tecline R2 TEC2 O2 + SPG Stage/Deco Regulator Set

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The Tecline R2 TEC2 O2 regulators have excellent specifications, performing well in both laboratory testing and real-world diving conditions.

The R2 TEC first stage regulator features a balanced diaphragm design with a ‘dry chamber’ to environmentally seal the diaphragm and prevent freezing in cold conditions and also protect the working diaphragm in heavily silted water. These first stage regulators have 2 HP ports on either side of the 300 bar DIN fitting. A rotating end turret houses 4 LP ports around the circumference and a 5th LP axial port on the bottom end.

The first stage is made from maritime brass with a high quality matted chrome finish. 
The rotating turret allows for flexible hose routing. This design is very popular for stage/deco tanks as hoses can be stored neatly and deployed, when needed, to their maximum length, kink-free.

The TEC2 second stage regulator is a pneumatically balanced downstream regulator with both Venturi flow and breathing resistance adjustments. A heat exchanger improves operation in cold water by reducing the risk of icing.

Tecline R2 TEC regulators are CE certified and tested in accordance with the requirements of EN250A.  They also undergo extensive trials in punishing environmental conditions such as icy Polish lakes, to Mexican caves and (not so punishing) tropical waters. 

The R2 TEC O2 and TEC2 O2 regulators are factory cleaned, certified, and suitable for use with Nitrox blends beyond 40% oxygen, ‘out of the box’.


1) The Tecline R2 TEC is oxygen compatible, and MUST be oxygen cleaned by a qualified scuba technician before use with Nitrox mixes richer than EAN40. Oxygen compatible service kits are available for purchase should you have the required training. Email us at info@300bar.asia for more information.

    2) If required, an optional 5th LP axial port for the R2 TEC first stage may be ordered separately and installed by us or a suitably qualified scuba technician. If you would like us to install it, submit a request along with the order for both the R2 TEC2 O2 Stage/Deco Regulator Set and the 5th Port Kit, and allow two extra business days for installation and delivery. 

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