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Tecline Side 16 Avenger

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The Tecline Side 16 Avenger is a sidemount system, built to be perfect for both recreational sidemount divers to the hardcore cave and wreck technical divers. The Avenger 16 offers a fantastic streamlined profile and allows the diver to easily maintain a trim position.

The Side 16 Avenger is constructed with 2000-denier CORDURA which makes it extremely resistant to wear, snags and tearing. The upper shell does not have any openings or valves, as it is designed to allow sidemount divers get through the tightest crevices, without the risk of damaging the BC.

It boasts an amazing lift capacity of 16kgs / 35lbs, despite its very sleek design, providing ample positive buoyancy on surface, as well as the ability to support up to 6 aluminium 11.1l / 80cuft tanks. The low profile bladder is streamlined and reduces drag, improving the efficiency of the diver when moving. Having a streamlined and slim profile also dramatically lowers the risk of getting caught in restrictions.

The Avenger comes with an interchangeable inflator hose/dump valve position, to either left or right sides to suit individual divers' preferences. The set also comes with 2 corrugated hoses (40cm & 50cm, 40cm installed by default) to cater to your configuration needs. A unique bottom dump valve is positioned in a strategic and protected location on the lower side of the system, for easy release of gas when the diver is horizontal or upside down.

A detachable beavertail (butt plate) to attach heavier steel cylinders or accessories, comes installed with the set. This is replaceable with optional Stainless Steel offset D-rings, an alternative to stowing away equipment or tanks.

A fully adjustable harness - comprising of individually adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt - makes it easy to configure and adjust, and is ideal for teaching and when using the set among multiple people.

integrated weight pockets (maximum of 10kg in total) are ideally situated, putting the bulk of the weight in the diver’s lower back and slightly to the sides, allowing a more streamlined profile and better trim. Extra removable trim weight pockets on the waist belt help dry suit divers maintain perfect trim with the weight shifted towards the lower part of the body, limiting the risk of "runaway legs".

The Side 16 Avenger was designed by Michaël Doumont (MDS Technology) and Karel Levrau (Narcotec) with the building principle of "Simple and Clean" and listening to the needs and wishes of experienced SM divers. This gave birth to the ultimate set in SM diving, meeting the needs of both recreational and technical SM divers.

The Side 16 Avenger is available in three different designs, the original Tecline logo, Calavera Maya edition, to pay commemorate the daring cave divers and ground-breaking explorations being done, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, and a Transylvania edition, to commemorate the exploration of cave systems in Romania.

The Tecline Side 16 Avenger system comes with:
1 x Tecline Side 16 Avenger Sidemount System
1 x 50cm Corrugated Hose
2 x Tecline Trim Weight Pockets

The system comes ready to dive off the shelf, and is set up using a loop bungee system. Proper resizing is required before diving.

Additional mounting hardware for sidemount diving may be required. Check out our wetnotes on the different ways to prepare and setup your tanks, or make a travel-ready mounting kit for sidemount diving!

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