Tecline Backplate Pad with Buoy Pocket

Tecline Backplate Pad with Buoy Pocket

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Some divers may face discomfort when using a backplate and wing system, especially when diving without a proper exposure suit, or having mounting bolts that are too long and protrude far into the backplate.

The Tecline Backplate Pad with Buoy Pocket is a full-sized backplate accessory that offers fantastic comfort and a large storage space, ideal for a lift bag, safety buoy or mesh bag.

Price indicated is for the backplate pad only, and does not include any mounting bolts. This backplate pad requires 8 Delrin Nut and Stainless Steel Bolts for mounting onto a Tecline Aluminium or Steel Backplate, sold separately.

This backplate pad may not be compatible with backplates from other manufacturers. Kindly double check the dimensions before purchasing.

Check out our wetnotes for more tips and tricks on installing, configuring and storing items in your backplate pad!

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